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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Why We Should Feel No Pity for Anthony Weiner

The former Congressman cried as he plead guilty to charges related to sexting a minor girl. But no amount of tears can change the fact that his scandals helped elect Trump.

Today, Anthony Weiner pleaded guilty to charges stemming from a months-long sexting relationship with a 15-year-old girl, finally putting one of this country’s most pathetic political careers out of its misery. One hopes.

The official term for the charge—transferring obscene material to a minor—conveys an inappropriate shop teacher creepiness and carries with it a possible jail term and sex offender registration requirement. But the six little words describing Weiner’s legal transgressions can’t possibly convey what a disaster Weiner’s proclivities have been to everything he’s touched, beyond his own junk. His family, his political party, his city, his country, and—hell, why not?—the world are worse off because of Anthony Weiner. No apology, no plea, no amount of public puppy dogging can atone for what he’s done.



Anonymous said...

Pity? This P.O.S. should be castrated.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. I feel no pity what so ever. I think he should have been in jail. This is what, the third time that he has been caught doing this. Now he cries, "Oh, but I have a disease." Yes, he is a sick puppy all right. And he should be in jail and he should have to register as a sex offender as he is one.

Bob Aswell...Realist said...

This is the BEST example of how the political system works...NOT THE LAW. Weiner's wife .. high power politically connected. Weiner... EX
Congressman. Political Collusion.. I'd be stupid NOT TO THINK SO.

If Weiner was an ordinary Joe like me he'd already been in jail. He's done enough to hung many times over. Have you heard anything of incarceration or mental commitment? AND YOU WON'T

This is the Dumbocrat way and its said his wife left him...I think its more like she is protecting him. Maybe she gets off on this type of conduct too. I wonder now that Comey's gone is Hillary worried for the both of them??!! Bob Aswell...Realist

Anonymous said...

An arrogant, progressive creep.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but he's a poster child for what's wrong with the Democratic Party. If it were up to the party, he'd be exonerated.

Anonymous said...

9:42... DITTO

Anonymous said...

No pity? No problem. I'm way ahead of that curve.

Anonymous said...

Typical Politian