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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Surveillance tied to employee resignations

The resignation of Ocean Pines Chief Financial Officer Mary Bosack last week is tied to the recent departure of several other senior employees who have alleged poor working conditions, according to several sources close to the association and the board.

A special meeting was apparently called last Friday when the directors learned of her resignation, but the meeting was not immediately scheduled. On Monday, Board President Tom Herrick set the meeting for this Friday.

In addition, sources said the departure of former Beach Club Manager Lynda Huettner, Golf Course Superintendent Rusty McLendon, Facilities Manager Jerry Aveta and several others are the result of conditions related to management style of interim General Manager Brett Hill.

Several other high-level employees, including Recreation and Parks Director Sonya Bounds, Marketing, Public Relations Director Teresa Travatello and Yacht Club Manager Jerry Lewis either resigned or were let go during the last year.



Anonymous said...

What a joke. Maybe they should ask Leighton Moore for some tips on how to run a successful bar.

Anonymous said...

A few financial people are being outed in various towns here lately. Wonder why?

Unknown said...

Used up the money?

Anonymous said...

12:47 PM Outed? They resigned

Anonymous said...

159 incorrect, Lewis was asked to resign and refused. Then she was FIRED.

Anonymous said...

LOL 159 what rock have you been living under for two weeks? Lewis in Wicomico was fired. Some people are really so ignorant it's pathetic.

Anonymous said...

You're correct the entire community is a joke. One incompetent boob after another running the place with more ego than experience.

Getting rid of so much institutional knowledge has cost them so much money and time. Now it looks to get a whole lot worse very quickly.

Oh well, just raise the annual dues and let the property owners foot the bill for all the theft and incompetence.