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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Petition drive to close golf course in Pocomoke City

Conflicting perspectives about the future of Winters Quarters Golf Course were presented during the Pocomoke City Council meeting on Monday.

Duane Durham, who resides in the Winter Quarters neighborhood, has spearheaded a petition drive seeking to close the course. Despite revamped marketing efforts, from his view there doesn’t appear to be an uptick in attendance.

“Yesterday was a beautiful day and I saw nobody on the golf course,” he said.

Durham said for decades the facility has been a bust to the town’s operating budget.

“There are more important things that this money can be used for,” he said. “The people of this town should be able to turn their faucets on and have quality drinking water.”

For the past two weeks, Durham has gone door to door and collected more than 200 signatures on a petition asking to close the golf course. While presenting the list to council, he noted the consensus was overwhelmingly in favor of shuttering the course.



Anonymous said...

Someone should remind the Somerset County Commissioners that Great Hope cost them a half million dollars last year. Privatize it or unload it. Government should not be in the business of fun and games.

Anonymous said...

Golf is an old cyclic sport that comes and goes with your job. Are there jobs there? That is the source of the answer.

Anonymous said...

You're saying after income and expenses there was a $500,000 operating shortfall? Or is that including depreciation, allocation of other county expenses and other non-cash items or what?

Anonymous said...

the reason that person wants the golf course closed is he didnt realize buying a house on the course meant he would have balls hit in his yard...........hes not a golfer and those stray balls make him very, very angry.

Anonymous said...

Durham is mad because his house gets hit with golf balls. Buy a house on a golf course and that's what you can expect. I have heard he also has restraining orders on him because he has threatened golfers there. Maybe they should close the course and make it a dirt bike and 4 wheeler course. That would bring in loads of money and be plenty loud for Durham.

Anonymous said...

And people thought Troy was the crazy one in that family! You buy a house on a golf course and then complain about golf balls. Crazy...