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Saturday, May 27, 2017

FBI shared spy data on Americans, despite Comey claims

The FBI has illegally shared spy data on US citizens with a series of outside bodies including the NSA, government contractors and a 'private entity,' newly released documents show.

The declassified memos claim there were repeated breaches of laws designed to protect Americans from being illicitly snooped on and that FBI agents were not properly trained to handle the data, Circa reported.

That directly contradicts statements made by former FBI director James Comey on May 3, in his last congressional hearing before he was fired.

He claimed that his agents only used spy data on Americans without a warrant when it had been 'lawfully collected, carefully overseen and checked' - but the memos say that's not true.



Thornton Crowe said...

James Comey was not the person you thought he was. He was much worse. The truth is coming out now in droves as people are starting to figure out fact-chains he worked so hard to keep hidden when he was FBI Director. In the days to come, more information will come forth about his involvement in these illegal surveillance activities by the Obama Administration on both political opponents and regular Americans. In case you missed it, these 'spying activities' violated your Fourth Amendment Rights. Perhaps you all should read it to see just exactly how you've been compromised by Intel Community.

Anonymous said...

We are to believe him after he lied / perjured himself to Congress. Another example from the playbook o Obama / Hillary / Democratic party, throw up a smoke screen of accusations against others hoping his unlawful acts will be ignored.