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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Virginia City Council Decides To Sell Gen. Lee Statue

A Virginia city council has decided to sell its statue of General Robert E. Lee, following its decision earlier this year to remove the statue from the park named after it.

The city council of Charlottesville, Virginia voted 3-2 on Monday evening to sell its Gen. Lee statue and transfer responsibility for moving it to whomever buys it, according to The Daily Progress.

But before the council can sell the statue, it will first need to fight off a lawsuit filed by the Monument Fund, Inc. and the Virginia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Inc.

The council is also in the process of renaming Lee Park and Jackson Park, another park named after a statue of General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson.



Anonymous said...

This needs to be stopped. Someone needs to step in and do something about this. If not white America is going to be continued to be erased all over this country.

You dumb bastards need to quit voting for Democrats.

Anonymous said...

1 black guy and 2 white females. The other 2 were white men. I wonder who the turncoats were that voted to take it down. We know for a fact the black guy did!

Anonymous said...

A racist black guy and 5 cowards!

Anonymous said...

Wow what happened to that once nice state of Virginia. Looks like another liberal controlled chit hole now

Anonymous said...

Erase history but blacks wont let u forget it ? sick of this pc BS.

Anonymous said...

Virginia used to be one of the most beautiful states. We always stopped in Charlottesville on the way to West Virginia. The lee Statue was beautiful and to think they are taking it down and changing the names of their city parks named after Southern General. Wow. The Civil War is a part of our Southern Culture and to change it because you have been indoctrinated and taught that it is evil is just plain ludicrous.

This is what happens when Democrats control elections. The control you minds and your way of thinking. They want to keep blacks on the Liberal Plantations by giving them entitlement after entitlement. They want whites to feel "White Guilt" which you have absolutely no reason to.

White America is America. The blacks and other ethnic groups are a part of this country and they play an important part. What is happening in these Southern States is the white washing of white America. Remove the names of important men such as Robert E. Lee and George Washington form schools, bridges and parks because they owned a slave? Sure slavery was wrong and many of the white plantation owners of the time came to realize that. Robert E. Lee never owned a slave. He inherited them from his in-laws and treated them as family as did many families.

Replacing these names with MLK and blacks with a criminal past is the wrong direction. Wiping out great people like Washington and Lee and making white people look stupid all the while putting blacks on the pedestal over whites and lying about American History is wrong. This is what is happening in America, the Liberal are trying to make blacks the superior race while making whites inferior.

This is going to hurt tourism in Charlottesville and Virginia. It is happening in other great states in the South.

Wake up America because this country is spiraling down fast!!

Rebel Without a Clue said...

Well said 8:47 AM. I fail to understand why liberals are so adamant about rewriting history. We need our history to be understood so that we do not repeat it and to have a baseline for where we are now. It is very sad indeed. Sometimes, I think about moving to Australia or Costa Rica.

Anonymous said...

I've got a piece of property on route 50. We can buy the statue and put it on display right here. Who's with me?