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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

OC Council Hears Second Wind Farm Proposal; Project Smaller In Scope With Turbines Further Offshore

OCEAN CITY — Resort officials this week got a closer look at a second proposed offshore wind energy farm that includes fewer turbines further offshore, but still weren’t keen on the proposal and asked the developer to consider moving even further off the coast.

The Mayor and Council on Monday got an in-depth presentation from Deepwater Wind CEO Jeff Grybowski on his company’s proposal to develop a wind energy farm off the coast of the resort. Deepwater’s proposal, called the Skipjack project, is considerably smaller in size and scope than another proposal presented by US Wind Inc. two weeks ago. Both projects are currently under consideration by the Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC), which will decide by mid-May which company will ultimately develop the offshore wind farm.

The proposed Skipjack project calls for just 15 turbines in a designated Wind Energy Area (WEA) more situated off the coast of Delaware than the coast of Ocean City. As a result, the closest turbines in the Skipjack proposal would be roughly 20 miles from the north end of Ocean City and closer to 30 miles from the Inlet and downtown area.

By contrast, the much larger US Wind proposal calls for as many as 187 turbines and its WEA is situated more directly east of Ocean City. Perhaps more importantly, the US Wind proposal calls for the first line of wind turbines to be located just 12 miles off the coast of the resort. When the Mayor and Council got a closer look at the US Wind project and its renderings showing the turbines clearly visible on the horizon off the resort coast, they fired off a letter to the PSC voicing their opposition not to the concept of a wind farm in general, but the potential impact on the pristine views from the shoreline for countless visitors and oceanfront property owners. It’s important to note US Wind has since proposed to move the first line of turbines in their project back five more miles in an effort to placate Ocean City officials concerned about the views. 



Anonymous said...

Worcester County is Maryland's only oceanfront and littering it with inefficient wind turbines that will decrease tourism, property values while increasing electricity costs would be an irreparable mistake.

Anonymous said...

It's great that Worcester Officials are considering viewshed and property values.
Somerset County Officials were supporting scores of 680' turbines 1000 feet from our home foundations.
Senator Mathias was supporting this too.
Surprising that Mathias is sacrificing Ocean City for political gain.

Anonymous said...

Jimbo knows how his bread gets buttered.

Anonymous said...

Remember. Once IN, there is No getting OUT!

Anonymous said...

Be careful with jumping to conclusions there 944am. Don't need any aneurism symptoms on this blog.

Question that is still unanswered is how far can one see out on the horizon. Renderings or descriptions don't answer anything. Saying the turbines are 480 to 600 feet in height isn't seeing. 12 miles, 15 miles, 20 miles "north of 145th street" or as Gerald White articulated "...the potential to see tiny wind turbines on the horizon on ONLY the clearest of days was worth the benefits...." is still just opinion/conjecture.

Need facts like:
- from the shoreline how far can one see?
- Moving back on the beach, how far can one see?
- on top of the street, how far can one see?
- From an OC highrise (south end and north end) how far can one see?
- At night (who really cares actually) what will the lights (if any) look like

Get those answers, then opinion, conjecture AND feelings go out the window.

Drop property values, decrease tourism? HAHAHAHAHA that's so funny! OC has a problem increasing tourism and filling hotels during the week.....HAHAHAHAHA 944am HAHAHAHAAHAHHA

Anonymous said...

Turbines kill porpoises and whales. Not a pretty sight for tourists to see washing up on the beaches.

Anonymous said...

12:15 an interesting subject that would need to be addressed. Personally I wouldn't mind seeing turbines from the coastline.

Anonymous said...

12:15 How? They swim into the poles?

Anonymous said...

Why are they so set on putting them off the coast of OC? Why not further North or South. Will they put them all up and down the Atlantic? Somehow I think OC will eventually let them do it. It's all about the $$$$ OC can get from them.

Anonymous said...

Industrial turbines emit infra sound which is detrimental to the health and well-being of whales and porpoises. Scores of them have beached themselves when in proximity to offshore wind turbines.

Steve said...

It really doesn't matter where you put them, they are a money loser from day one and rate payers will have to foot the bill.]

If they are such a great idea, let Bluewater Wind build them on their dime and keep all the profits from the electricity they produce.

Want to see a shift into "REVERSE" happen in a New York Minute?!