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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

MVC on Ocean Gateway near White Lowe Rd Wednesday, April 19, 2017

On Wednesday, April, 19, 2017 @ 0754 Wicomico Central alerted Station 5 (Hebron) for a reported MVC w/ injuries on Ocean Gateway near the White Lowe Rd intersection. Ladder-5 arrived on the scene to find a large commercial truck off the roadway, on it's side and a passenger vehicle with extensive damage sitting in the middle of the roadway. 517 (J. Travers) established Ocean Gateway Command and requested a response from Emergency Management. The crew assisted with patient care and cleaning up the roadway. PM-B-5 transported 1 priority 3 patient from the passenger vehicle to PRMC and obtained a refusal from the truck driver.

This incident was placed under control @ 0811 and terminated @ 0828.

Units on scene: Ladder-5, PM-B-5, Traffic Control-5, MSP, WCSD, SHA and Emergency Management.

More pictures can be found by clicking HERE


Anonymous said...

It is becoming a very bad intersection. I live on White Lowe Road and when the traffic is heavy, I take the back roads from log cabin road to Naylor Mill Road just to take the stop light. Since the Royal Farms was built there, it has become an adventure just to get across the highway. A service road should have been put there. The whole thing was poorly planned to begin with. I and other neighbors attended the meetings and voiced our concerns, but they didn't listen, and now we have a problem at this intersection. I've called the state police when tractor trailer drivers park on 50 in front of the store blocking the view on on coming traffic. I've been told they are aware of the problems and admitted this is now a very bad intersection. Lets see how many people get killed or injured before they do something about this like Sixty Foot road.

Anonymous said...

It was before the intersection

Steve said...

It's really hard to legislate stupidity like happens at 60 foot road @ Rt 50, but maybe if there was a map of the intersection showing the acceleration lane that should be the target of left turners onto Rt. 50 under the stop sign on White-Lowe road may be of help. There's already a lane that's visible and obvious for right turners.

A light is not the answer, but signage for tourists unfamiliar would help. After that, J-turns is the only answer, but the diagram sign is really worth a try.

Anonymous said...

3:55 pm it was not near the intersection. Look at the pictures and see the Royal Farms sign WAY down the road.

Anonymous said...

I just cannot understand people blaming INTERSECTIONS when it is clearly DRIVER'S ERRORS. An intersection doesn't 'turn bad'. DRIVERS turn bad or were bad from the start.

Sand Box John said...

@3:55 PM

The wreck happen in the eastbound roadway 150 yard west in the curve, not in the intersection.