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Friday, March 17, 2017

Muslims Demand Boss Allow Hijabs At Work & Courts Have PRICELESS Response

The number of refugees pouring into Europe from the Middle East has increased so rapidly in recent years that Europe is still trying to catch up. While the situation is certainly dire, unprecedented problems and dangers are arising for Europeans who aretrying their best to make sure their families are safe in the midst of so much change.

Recently the concern has arisen regarding whether or not Muslim should be guaranteed the right to wear a hijab in the workplace. The most recent ruling from the EU court says that Employers are ensured the right to prevent their workers from wearing headscarves or hijabs. Many have responded with relief that they can help protect their businesses from potential dangers by being able to control the dress code of their employees without being punished.

This is the first decision made by the courts regarding Islamic clothing, specifically regarding Islamic headscarves.

The court’s official stance included the following, “An internal rule of an undertaking which prohibits the visible wearing of any political, philosophical or religious sign does not constitute direct discrimination.”

This does not mean that Muslim’s cannot wear the Hijab, it simply means that employees have the right to require a dress code that excludes the headwear. A universal ban of the Hijab has not yet been considered or ruled on, and it considered to a be a poor solution to the problem at hand. Most businesses are seeing a great deal of gray area in the proceedings, and want the right to determine for themselves what their policy will be moving forward.



Anonymous said...

Go for it! Businesses are in business to serve customers and make the money that it takes to pay employees and feed their owners and investors, period. It's not the businesses' responsibility to foster or take hits for any religious or political stances of employees. Case in point: during 2016, I didn't do business with any company that supported a certain batshit presidential candidate, or let their employees sport that candidate's name, face or logo while on the job. As a result, they lost business, which is the opposite of what they exist to do, not for anything that they did that was wrong, but for allowing politics and religion at the dinner table, something my great-grandparents insisted never be done in decent society.

Anonymous said...

If the boss, I'd demand them to leave the property as they no longer have a job there anymore.

Short, sweet, succinct and to the point!

Anonymous said...

Hint: don't wear your pussy hat at work.