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Friday, March 17, 2017

Md. Police Dept. Drone Helps Find $394K In Stolen Construction Equipment From Multiple States

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Cecil County Sheriff’s Office says its drone program has helped recover from a Maryland man’s properties almost $400,000 worth of construction equipment stolen from other states.

According to a news release from the department, the Sheriff’s Office was contacted on March 9 by New Jersey State Police investigators.

NJSP said officers were conducting an investigation into multiple pieces of stolen heavy duty equipment and had identified an Elkton resident as a suspect.

“Based on the investigation they were moving one or two items at a time. This wasn’t one theft these were multiple thefts over a period of time and the property was being stored at the address,” says Lt. Michael Holmes with Cecil County Sheriff’s Office.



Anonymous said...

This will be an interesting legal fight. Searching your property with a drone and then get a warrant.

They can peek in my windows with a drone, watch me smoke a joint, get a warrant and then search and arrest me.


What if he were innocent. Could he sue them for an illegal search?

Zorro said...

Warrant-less search.....this is why we have that Pesky Constitution over zealous too Mikey Lewis..

Anonymous said...

Sean Penn was in the movie about the original tractor and equipment thieves from Cecil County.....I forget the name though.....history repeats

Barney Rubble said...

Good reason to rid the MD taxpayers of the big helicopter budget and replace with drones. Contract out what can't be addressed.

Anonymous said...

If it's in plain sight it's not a search. If you're worried about someone seeing you smoke a joint, close your blinds. FYI, you're not helping the case against smoking pot doesn't kill brain cells.

Anonymous said...

Awesome work!Thank for recovering a 1/2 millio worth of equipment.

Anonymous said...

At Close Range. Christopher Walken was the dad. It was based on a true story. Good movie.

Anonymous said...

The defense might bring up the drone search in trial, but it won't fly. (Ha!)