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Friday, March 17, 2017

Wicomico Committee To Review Dog Ordinance

SALISBURY- Officials in Wicomico County are seeking input from multiple entities to restore and repurpose the former Dog Ordinance Review Committee, which will soon address issues regarding animal welfare.

In an open work session last week, Council President John Cannon asked councilmembers to suggest ideas for a new animal committee.

“We are trying to get some input from the council and maybe their thoughts for establishing a committee similar to what was done a few years back,” he said.

Councilman Joe Holloway said the county established the Dog Ordinance Review Committee years ago after a dog mauled and injured a young man in Willards. Committee members at the time, Cannon said, were tasked with providing recourse and rules that would protect residents from further dog attacks.



Anonymous said...

How about a heroin drug dealer review committee since Limelight Lewis can't seem to find them?

Anonymous said...

Wish someone would review those flipping people bringing dogs into the drug store and grocery store. If they can break the rules, i'm gonna start bringing my 100lb lab in the store with me next time I see one of those yappy damn lil dogs in the store.

Anonymous said...

We need a committee to take care of the Dogs who are running Salisbury first. They are worse and meaner than the 4 legged kind.

Anonymous said...


Very true!
Humans are much worse than any dog.

Anonymous said...

It's about time for changes here ! Without the proper
laws for Police & Dog Control officials to work with ,there's no control or fitting punishment for
those who commit abuse. No laws "in force" to prevent mass production of dogs or cats and the spreading of disease.
Our new H.S. Director has proven he is doing a good job and is bringing attention to things
that need to be addressed to make this a better
place for the safety of the animals & public.

Anonymous said...

The past Committee some yrs ago tried to
get stronger laws for animal protection as
well as protection for the public from
harmful animals.
Kennels & Breeders in MD are to be licensed.
The Puppy Mill situation would never have
happened IF those in authority had done
their jobs.
Remember the article from the
neighbor who complained to the past H.S.
Director and he said the " Mill" was in
compliance with the Law ---also remember that
Dorchester Cty warned the past H.s Director that these people had a Mill there & were now in our County??? I do----and so do others. "Heads
need to swing" due to complete negligence in
job responsibilities. It makes me sick
to my stomach everytime I think of how much longer those dogs suffered because of people here who did
not do their jobs!