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Friday, March 17, 2017

More Than 1.1M Federal Student Loan Borrowers Entered Default Last Year

With the cost of college tuition continuing to increase, it likely comes as no surprise that more borrowers are finding themselves in default. In 2016 alone, 1.1 million borrowers entered default for their federal student loans. 


Anonymous said...

Entering default is NOT about rising college costs. It IS about a poor job market after graduation, lifestyle choices (thinking you need a brand new car to go with your brand new degree), and a lack of personal responsibility and drive. A modest entry-level job and a job on the side and delaying big purchases would keep most out of default.

Anonymous said...

Most college grads have elected to major in the social services dept. , however after the election this is a major that won't be needed in the Trump admin.. Of course some elected to major in diaper changing and UMES is famous for that major. Then there is a major at UMES as "Who's Your Daddy Now" .

George Garvin said...

8:27am how did you turn that article into a racist comment? You do know that this article addresses all college students? People like you will always strive to keep our Nation divided!!!!