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Friday, March 17, 2017

EPA Union Members Held Signs for ‘Resistance’ at Rally

Environmental Protection Agency employees are being encouraged to attend another "resist" rally by two agency unions.

The National Treasury Employees Union Chapter 280, which represents roughly 1,700 EPA workers, sent an email to employees inviting them to attend a rally Wednesday outside of EPA headquarters to "save the environment."

The union teamed up with the liberal environmentalist group the Sierra Club to host the rally. The Sierra Club has called EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, the former attorney general of Oklahoma, "unfit" to lead the agency. The Sierra Club website states the need to "fight back against Trump," and "protect our planet from Trump."

"Our sister union, [American Federation of Government Employees] AFGE Local 3331, is jointly sponsoring a rally to save the environment with the Sierra Club outside EPA Headquarters," the NTEU said in an email to EPA employees. "NTEU is supporting AFGE in this rally and encourages you to use your lunch time to attend."

A flyer advertising the protest states, "EPA employees save American lives."

"Spread the word and prepare now," the AFGE union said.



Anonymous said...

They are public servants. They should be fired immediately.

Anonymous said...

It is no wonder that these people are protesting. These people have been paid to do nothing and are now fighting for their jobs.
No loss. Go out and get real jobs where you need to produce work!

Steve said...

So, after reading this entire article, they have no specific complaints, no specific things listed that are being proposed that they have rebuttal for, it's all just "Because Trump".

Such sound reasoning makes me want to come out and join....


Anonymous said...

The EPA needs to be done away with. They were all paid big salaries to do nothing. They were best at making rules and regulations to put people and companies out of business, all under the guise of protecting the environment.
Most of it was B.S. All it did was raise prices on certain things. And outlaw
other things we have used all of our lives but can't now because yep you guessed it is bad for the environment according to the EPA. Do away with the EPA and tell them to get a real job. If they can't find a job it is probably because they put them out of business.

Anonymous said...

President Trump's next executive order should be to allow federal workers to not pay union dues....let's see how long the unions last....meanwhile, fire them for job-shirking - like the Air Traffic Controllers that President Reagan got rid of years ago!

Jim said...

Fire every one of them for insubordination.
If they're holding a sign, there is no need to discuss anything.

Anonymous said...

The key phrase to remember AND use is: Terminate unwilling and useless employees.

Anonymous said...

the only thing they are trying to save is useless jobs that help destroy productive jobs

Anonymous said...

Dave T: Yes, resist the EPA and all the other over-regulation being rammed down our throats.

Anonymous said...

Environmental worker labor unions ALWAYS do what's best for the environment, don't they, just like teachers' unions always do what's best for student education?

Anonymous said...

How about you union workers G.F.Y.!!!!