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Friday, March 17, 2017

Federal budget cuts could mean $2.5 billion loss for DC in 2018

WASHINGTON — It still needs Congressional approval, but as proposed, President Donald Trump’s federal budget would have a big impact on the D.C. area.

In order to direct a huge new influx of money toward the military and the border wall with Mexico, the budget includes major funding reductions elsewhere, including cuts of 21 percent for the Agriculture and Labor departments, 29 percent for the State Department, and 31 percent for the Environmental Protection Agency.

“Just about every agency that’s targeted for cutbacks is either headquartered in Washington or has a major presence in the region,” Stephen Fuller, professor of public policy at George Mason University, told WTOP.

“I think the threat is that we could lose as many as 15,000 federal jobs in 2018 if this were implemented,” said Fuller, who studies economic trends in the region. “It could be higher. I have an upper range to the forecast of just under 25,000.”



Anonymous said...

Why don't we build the wall out of Hillary's emails since no one can get over them?

Anonymous said...

Washington D.C. the richest area in the nation stands to loose $2.5 Billion?

That's a good start. After all that $2.5 Billion IS YOUR MONEY!!!!

Anonymous said...

Save a lot of money on incompetent workers that give the Tax Payer 3 hrs of work for every 8 hrs they get paid for. Fewer computers needed. More efficient work force. Fewer government workers that owe back taxes. More apt to confiscate their pay for back taxes since they will not work for the government.

Zorro said...

So, there goes the BLACK CAUCUS raises......ha ha ha.....omg, ha ha ha