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Friday, December 02, 2016

Would You Pay To Wash Your Clothes At Someone Else’s House?

Not that long ago, you might have bristled at the notion of paying a stranger to chauffeur you around town in the back of their car, or that you could easily rent out the extra room in your house like a hotel. Is turning your laundry room into a laundromat the next step?

Electrolux is testing an Uber-like laundry service that matches people who have dirty clothes with those who have machines in which to wash those clothes.

Engadget, citing a Financial Times interview (behind a paywall) with Electrolux CEO Jonas Samuelson, reports that the company is testing a system in which customers would play to clean their clothes at someone else’s house.

Samuelson didn’t elaborate on how long the tests had been going on, or if they had been successful so far.



Anonymous said...

After the threat of contracting bed bugs in dirty laundry mats I won't use them. I have large blankets and use a relatives washer.

Anonymous said...

If you dry clothes on high heat in a laundromat, you have very little chance contracting bedbugs. Much higher risk at movie theater or starbucks chairs. Or you could do what the majority of normal people do and buy a washer/dryer.

Anonymous said...

Why people cannot see the writing on the wall is beyond me. Dollars stores are telling us the economy is bad and now we are renting out washers in family homes?