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Friday, December 02, 2016

Suspect Tased After Home Invasion

Approximately 1130 AM today, Berlin Police,Worcester County Sheriff's Department, NRP, and State Police responded to the area of 9013 Poplar Rd in Berlin for a reported home invasion. Female locked in her bedroom with a male subject in her residence. Police arrived within minutes and encountered the subject. A fight and chase ensued through a cornfield and into nearby woods. The suspect was tased and taken into custody after a fight with Police. He suffered facial injuries and was transported by Berlin EMS to AGH.


Anonymous said...

Taser hell.... they should be digging out a 9mm bullet from the center of his or her chest!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why did the Maryland Natural Resource police respond? Did they squirrel the call or were they actually dispatched.

Not a problem, but did they get dispatched and by who?

Don't get me wrong I want them to be more proactive.

Anonymous said...

A home invasion call and you're worried about who shows up?? I would hope any and all resources go to something like that.

Lee said...

Hi everyone, I'm the victim of this home invasion and just want it to be clear how very thankful I am for the police and human recourses both for showing up so fast and saving my life! This man was going to kill or hurt me badly had they not shown up when they did. The man apparently was very mentally ill and schizophrenic and extremely unstable and kept repeating that God has ordered him to do this and to kill me if I don't leave. I was terrified and honestly thought I was going to die. Thankfully I was able to run to my bedroom in time and lock the door and call 911 for help. As I was on the phone begging for help, this man was trying to bust down my bedroom door to get to me, but thankfully human resources and the sheriffs showed up in time before the man was able to break through my bedroom door to hurt me. I had never seen this man in my life and it was an extremely traumatic experience. My front door will remain locked at all times for the rest of my life now. I'm scared to even answer my door when someone knocks and just really wanna stress to everyone to keep their doors locked at all times. This could've happen to anyone! I never thought in a million years something like this would happen to me. I was just sitting on my couch watching tv and some stranger walks through my front door yelling and saying crazy things about God ordering him to kill me if I didn't leave my own home! Im still in complete shock and very shaken up over this. Please show law enforcement respect everyone! They saved my life! And my fur babies lives. Thank God for them and there fast reaction to my plea for help. The police k9 dog truly deserves most the credit for the capture of this man because he picked up the mans scent and found him hiding in the woods next to my home. I'm still very scared and not at all happy this news site has posted my address publicly for the offender to see when he gets released or goes off his meds again. I feel that puts me in direct danger for that man to come back to hurt me again or seek revenge for me calling the police. I'm terrified and would appreciate my address being taken off!!! ASAP!!! Thank you for everyone that helped me and showed me support through this very scary situation. I pray this never happens to anyone else. It was horrifying! I'm hoping I'll get past the trauma from this sooner then later, but having my exact address on here like this sure doesn't help at all. Please delete it now. Thanks again for all the support and help from police & DNR who helped save MY LIFE!!! God Bless you all.

JoeAlbero said...

4:12, So you know, the court documents have your address on them, with all due respect.