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Friday, December 02, 2016

Trump: Ohio State Attacker ’Should Not Have Been in Our Country’

President-elect Donald Trump set the news agenda again Wednesday morning on Twitter, speaking out about the Ohio State University attacker, Abdul Razak Ali Artan.

“ISIS is taking credit for the terrible stabbing attack at Ohio State University by a Somali refugee who should not have been in our country,” he wrote:

Trump’s message reiterates his previous comments about blocking refugees from Muslim countries from entering the U.S., in an effort to stop homegrown “lone wolf” terror attacks.

According to NBC News, the attacker was a Somali refugee who came to the United States in 2014 as a legal permanent resident.

On Tuesday, the ISIS news agency Amaq claimed the attacker was “a soldier of God,” according to the New Yorker, and might have been inspired by the Islamic State’s terrorist manual.

The attacker posted a message on Facebook that law enforcement officials have released to the public.



Anonymous said...

He's absolutely right about that!

Anonymous said...

President elect Trump is correct, this scum should have never been in the USA to start with, unlike what the current muslim in charge thinks.

Anonymous said...

Correct 100%

Anonymous said...

Well duh.

Anonymous said...

So good to hear Trump speaking the truth.
Would have NEVER heard that from Obama.

Anonymous said...

Exactly there putting all these refugees with tb terror ties etc in our country for what to cause problems for trump but i hope when hes in there he sends all of them back where they came from and if they wanna be a citizen learn english and apply like your supposed to and be tracked

Anonymous said...

I voted for Trump and think he will do well. Unfortunately, under the last eight years of Obama's ruin much damage has been done. His administration has already allowed mega numbers of terrorist immigrants into the country, intent to inflict damage from within. Dearborn, Michigan and similar cities look like places in the Middle East.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more!