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Monday, November 14, 2016

PINHEADS: Show THIS To Your Liberal Friends When They Wear A Safety Pin To Protest Trump

C.E. Dyer reports that if you see someone wearing a safety pin on their clothing (hopefully their clothing…) you need to be very careful; you may have encountered a special snowflake, i.e. a wussified bigot. When you encounter them in the wild, it’s best to go the other way lest you be subjected to their shrill, ear-piercing cries about how unfair the system is and their hatred of anyone that actually thinks for themselves.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the safety pin movement began during Brexit so that anti-Brexit liberals could identify others that agree with them, because they wouldn’t want their flimsy arguments to be subject to scrutiny…

Why just “marginalized groups?” Why wouldn’t you help anyone that needed your help? That sounds awfully discriminatory to me…because it is.



Anonymous said...

Comes right Off the Millinials Diapers.

Anonymous said...

So true

Anonymous said...

Wana pi$$ off a liberal
Juts tell them Bernie would have won lol

Anonymous said...

Bernie would have gave Trump a run for his money. Shame he wasn't on the ballot instead. Election would have been more exciting.