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Monday, November 14, 2016


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Anonymous said...

When I moved here. A local psychologist offered me a job @ 25K. I turned him down. He actually got mad and told me "you will never make any more than that here" in Salisbury.

I make twice that.

Years later he ran another ad, a friend went in to interview. They did the old switch and bait. They decided after they ran the ad that what they were really looking for was an "entry level" admin. at $8. What they advertised for was a Manager for more.

Crappy psychologist. I have seen him on the news. Not a very inspirational person. And you rubes hold him in high esteem. He is nothing more than a carnival barker.

Anonymous said...

Awesome story of the American Dream. Hard work always pays off. Never give up@

Anonymous said...

7:10 if hard work payed off then farm workers would be millionaires.

Such a cliché

Anonymous said...

Spend less than you earn and you will always be rich.