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Monday, November 14, 2016

Gingrich on Draining Swamp: 'Swing For the Fences'

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Sunday he has some advice for President-elect Donald Trump's early days in office: "Swing for the fences."

"I've done this twice in my career," Gingrich, one of Trump's closest advisers and potential Cabinet member, told CBS News' "Face the Nation" host John Dickerson. "I did it with [President Ronald] Reagan in '81. I did it as speaker in '95. This is a city that if you don't shove it as hard as you can when you have momentum, it will surround you. The swamp doesn't want to be drained, and the swamp will just suck you in if you let it. He needs to have a very, very aggressive first year."

Trump won a decisive Electoral College victory, said Gingrich, but even more, Republicans won control of Congress, and the nation's states will have the most Republican governors and state legislators in history, marking a shift toward Republican government on a national scale.



Anonymous said...

I agree Trump needs to go balls to the wall and if any establishment types get in his way run over them. Trump has 2 years befor the next election and he has got to get a lot done real fast because the Democrats will be coming at Republicans with everything they've got.

Anonymous said...

2 years before the next election, but with campaigns, about 15-16 months.

Pedal to the metal-- like Newt said.. get stuff DONE while the system is still in shock and off-balance.