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Monday, November 14, 2016

Giuliani: Anti-Trump Demonstrators Are ‘Professional Protesters,’ Not Hillary Supporters

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said the demonstrations over the election are being carried out by “professional protesters,” not “Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama supporters.”

Giuliani said, “I feel very bad about that, but if those were Donald Trump people doing that after a Hillary Clinton election, I think a lot of people would be — a lot more anger in the media at the fact that they’re protesting a legitimately-decided election..

Having said that, I think we understand their frustration. We certainly don’t want to make it worse.



Anonymous said...

Giuliani is wrong since there was no Obama protest or protest against Hillary and being paid by Soros Hillary's biggest supporters. What is their frustration besides their "Freebie Queen" lost. They did not get what they wanted so they riot like spoiled brats.

Anonymous said...

He's right that if Republicans were doing the rioting Obama would have called out the Natl Guard and arrested many.

Anonymous said...

Follow the money.