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Monday, November 14, 2016

What The Hell Is Suddenly Going On With Foreclosures?

Foreclosures suddenly spike most since the last Housing Bust

The total number of homes with foreclosure filings jumped 27% in October from September, when they’d been at the lowest level since 2006. It was the biggest jump in monthly foreclosure filings since August 2007.

Compared to October last year, homes with foreclosure filings still decreased, but this nationwide decrease is covering up what is now happening in 28 states and Washington D.C., according to the Foreclosure Report by ATTOM Data Solutions. There, the inventory of homes with foreclosure filings is beginning to rise even on a year-over year basis. And in some states it soared year-over-year:

Colorado +64%
Georgia +22%
Pennsylvania +20%
Arizona +17%
Virginia +15%
Massachusetts +11%
New York +10%


Anonymous said...

There are many here. They will tell you it is only 14% but there are tons not even up for sale yet.

I know of 5 in our neighborhood alone, 3 of which are not for sale but the owners have walked away from them.

More media lies, nothing to see here, everything is just wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Bill Clinton's free trade agreement. That's what. Any job that can be done in another country is done in another country. Democrats want to raise minimum wage and they do NOT want an import tax on products that are manufactured at a dollar a day then shipped into our country. Well you can't have both. O-messy taxed everything but the rain but don't tax China a penny for their trash they ship to our country...... Oh he did tax the rain, sorry I forgot. We should ship him to China one way. By the way when he left office in Maryland there was only five Fortune 500 companies left in Maryland. Quit a few when he took office. And for you liberals, if I spelled something wrong or poor grammar, screw you.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if it has something to do with close of Fiscal Year? When I was employed for a few years, by FmHA, many years ago, Oct was the month for more foreclosures, due to start of new Fiscal Year. Federal Gov and many businesses start Fiscal Year in October

Anonymous said...

8:12 It has a lot to due with Democrats and their policies. FmHA made a lot of bad loans with our government money. Sold off properties to their buddies at the office off of Eastern Shore drive. I tried to buy a farm that someone lost however it went to a lower bidder that was a friend of someone working in there. Three people were calling the shots in the back room. No sale advertised in the paper. Hush Hush.

Anonymous said...

8:06 AM I had some FB banter with a democrat who claims that ROBOTS killed the manufacturing in the US, and that was why employment participation was down.

I kid you not. That was the rhetoric. I thanked him for the laugh and promised to make an a$$ out of him by telling my friends of his thoughts.

Its all the Robots fault.

Anonymous said...

8:06 AM and oh, one more thing. He also said if we mess with the trade in china our economy will crash. Because we need all that toxic crap. And their poisoned food.

His only usable remark was the walmart factor. They will lobby long and hard against any change to china trade. Ya know. $$$$$$$$$

Anonymous said...

Just the beginning of a major economic reset. Wall street/stock market continuing at high/record breaking figures, but economy/job market putt-putt puttering along and with a new administration, its time for a true reset.

Once the swamp is drained, a new path/way ahead will follow....FINALLY!!!!