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Monday, November 14, 2016

Anti-Trump students attack teacher in CA school walkout

PLEASANT HILL, Calif. – Anti-Trump high school protesters ignited a scuffle at College Park High School Thursday that led to several teachers getting roughed up by the unruly teens.

At least one teacher was punched and shoved as a large crowd of protestors from other area schools descended on College Park in an attempt to recruit students there to the massive walkout, KTVU reports.

A video posted online shows “Dr. Thomas” being thrashed around in a school hallway by several students, some of whom can be seen landing blows on the teacher as others screamed for them to stop.

“That teacher and the other teacher that got punched were trying to block the hall but it didn’t work out,” student Armon Aziz told the news site.

Principal Joseph Alvarez said police alerted school officials that a mob of protesting students – carrying Mexican flags and anti-Trump signs — were heading toward the school, and he sent out a notice to teachers to allow students to do what they will.

School officials also warned protestors to be peaceful, and did not lock the gates to the school to prevent them from coming in.

“When we heard from Pleasant Hill Police we had about 15 or 20 minutes before students arrived on campus, so at that time I sent an email to all the teachers saying that this is a possibility and to please not bar students from leaving but to take account of who they are,” Alvarez told KTVU. “We provide students the opportunity to express themselves but I do not condone at any time when you impede educational progress at any campus.”



Anonymous said...

seeing how this behavior stems from parents unwilling to spank their kids, maybe the parents of these kids should be "spanked" financially with lawsuits.

Anonymous said...

Deportation time is coming.

Anonymous said...

This is mob rule and should have been halted by the police. Anytime people are assaulted, property vandalized it ceases to be a "peaceful" protest! The other schools should have been on lock down, anyone could have mingled with that crowd with intent to do massive harm!I can't just walk into any school so what is the difference between me and a teenager who does not go to that school?

Anonymous said...

They always say this is how Republicans act and call them racist.

Anonymous said...

The cops called to say the mob was coming how come the cops wern't coming?