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Saturday, October 01, 2016

The Dallas Morning News Is Paying Dearly For Endorsing Hillary Clinton

The Dallas Morning News is paying a steep price for endorsing Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, in the form of canceled subscriptions and loud protests.

The endorsement broke a 75-year streak in the paper’s history of endorsing Republicans, and generated a lot of reader pushback in the form of angry comments and vows to unsubscribe from the paper. Although Dallas is relatively liberal, the state hasn’t gone Democrat in a presidential election in 40 years.

“Certainly we’ve paid a price for our presidential recommendation,” Dallas Morning News editor Mike Wilson said in an email to Poynter. Wilson acknowledged some of that price came in dropped subscriptions, although he declined to reveal to Poynter exactly how many.

“But then, we write our editorials based on principle, and sometimes principle comes at a cost,” Wilson continued in the email. “I’ve had a lot of conversations with readers lately, and I respect their views and their right to disagree with us. The most important thing to us is that they vote, even if it’s not for our favorite candidate, because democracy doesn’t work if people don’t vote.”



Anonymous said...

The Clinton machine paid this newspaper dearly

Anonymous said...

Liberals love boycotts. Just wait and see what happens when conservatives start boycotting businesses. Does Target bring ring a bell?

Anonymous said...

Hope they go broke!!!

Anonymous said...

Boycott Hollywood.