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Saturday, October 01, 2016

Obama Administration Brings in 12,500 Syrian Refugees This Year With Last Minute Rush

With two days remaining in Fiscal Year 2016, the Obama administration has brought in 12,571 Syrian refugees, far exceeding its original stated goal of 10,000 for the year.

The outgoing Obama administration is pressing ahead, despite polls that show a vast majority of voters oppose increasing the number of Syrian refugees, by rushing in 1,831 Syrian refugees during the month of September, according to the Department of State’s interactive website. If the Obama administration continues to bring Syrian refugees at that rate each month in Fiscal Year 2017, which begins on Saturday, the total number of arrivals from that war torn country would exceed 21,000.

More than 99 percent of these Syrian refugees (12,470 of 12,571) are Muslim. Less than 1 percent (101 of 12,571) are Christians or other faiths.



Anonymous said...

Bringing in more terrorists so they can blame the New republican president when we get hit.

Anonymous said...

Send them to Hawaii so when he gone he can then hang out with them all

Anonymous said...

He is such a Ahole!

lmclain said...

I'll bet not a single one has any bad intentions of murder, maiming, bombing, and killing in the name of their God. Not one.
Because, you know, if there WERE that possibility, then it would be undeniable evidence that the people sworn to protect you are abdicating that responsibiity and are glibly willing to allow SOME murders and bombings against the people they supposedly represent.
Makes you wonder who they REALLY represent.
Keep cheering.