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Saturday, October 01, 2016

Berlin Mayor, Council Election Endorsements

When it comes to the mayor’s race, Berlin voters should head to the polls next week with one question in mind: Are major changes needed?

That’s ultimately what it comes down to for Berlin residents. If voters are generally happy with the town and its direction and confident in the job two-term incumbent Mayor Gee Williams has done the last eight years, they should re-elect him.

On the contrary, if they distrust the current mayor and feel he will lead the town in a manner that’s inconsistent with their vision for the future, voters should go with Lisa Hall, a two-term councilmember.

For what it’s worth, that’s essentially the situation nationally with the November presidential election when it comes to voting for the Democratic or Republican candidate.



Anonymous said...

Anyone, or anything Steve Green endorses should be reason enough to do the opposite, he's the most liberal, POS newspaper editor ever.

Anonymous said...

You can run for office with a felony?

Anonymous said...

The current mayor can't speak without using curservices words or have an event that doesn't have alcohol present