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Saturday, October 01, 2016

State Department to Release 3,000 Clinton Emails Before Election

The State Department will publicly release nearly 3,000 pages of emails recently recovered by the FBI from Hillary Clinton’s private server ahead of the November election.

A Vice News reporter submitted a deal brokered with the State Department on Wednesday to two federal judges who approved the release of 1,850 pages of emails before Nov. 8, Politico reported. The release is in addition the 1,050 pages the State Department was ordered to hand over to conservative group Judicial Watch before the election.

The Vice agreement requires the State Department to publish the nearly 2,000 pages of Clinton requested emails to its website by Nov. 3. The Judicial Watch case orders the department to publish the documents in three sets of 350 pages, with the last set to be released Nov. 4.

Though the trickled release of Clinton emails is likely to cause headaches for her presidential campaign, many of the documents may not emerge until just days before Election Day when media coverage will be heavily focused on the final stretch of the race.



Anonymous said...

They could have done all this a lot sooner but they were trying to cover up for her and scared to anger the DNC. This all is a farce but mark my words it all will come out rather prior to or post election, I hope the Clintons both get jail time, and good luck to the 2 families who are going after Clinton for the way their sons were killed because of her neglect. The Clinton Foundation needs to be audited ASAP as well not by the FBI.

lmclain said...

Two Sets of Laws.
Slapping you across the face like they just bought you this morning.
Prison for you.
The nuclear codes for them.

Keep cheering.