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Saturday, October 01, 2016

Newspapers Face Death Threats, Lost Subscriptions for Endorsing Hillary Clinton

“There has been a substantial amount of blowback,” Cincinnati Enquirer editor tells TheWrap after ending decades-long streak of backing Republican candidate

Newspapers with a history of endorsing Republican presidential candidates are losing subscribers and even receiving death threats after endorsing Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.

The Arizona Republic’s editorial board has received death threats since publishing its Clinton endorsement earlier this week, according to Arizona’s NBC affiliate 12news. It was the first time the paper endorsed a Democrat in a general election since it launched in 1890.

Meanwhile, Cincinnati Enquirer editor Peter Bhatia said his paper has lost “hundreds” of subscriptions since its editorial board broke a nearly century-long habit of backing the Republican in the presidential contest.

“There has been a substantial amount of blowback, that’s for sure,” Bhatia told TheWrap. “The people who are reacting are predominantly unhappy with the endorsement.”



Anonymous said...

Their unhappiness is completely understandable. The paper is obviously ignorant of Clinton's very unsatisfactory past performance as a public servant, current and continued involvement in bilking the world of billions of dollars, and connections to those who would do this country harm.

Anonymous said...

And because of that, it raises questions about the paper's moral compass and, very possibly, its connections to Hillary.

Anonymous said...

Why do newspapers endorse anyone, you sould read and evaluate then vote. I will never pay for a USA today after there Hillary endorsement., liberal as#holes i can make up my own mind!!!