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Friday, September 09, 2016

The WaPo Wants Everyone To Stop Discussing Hillary's Email Scandals, Now

Earlier this week we reported that in the latest gasp of outrage by the mainstream media, and the Clinton campaign, numerous pundits unloaded on several traditional media outlets for daring to cover Hillary's infamous multiple coughing fits. The primary target of the anger was NBC which "faced harsh criticism" for posting a 91-word report, which had no opinion or commentary aside from reporting the facts of what happened to Hillary.

Ironically, and exposing the media's own hypocrisy and bias, some commentators such as the WaPo's Chris Cillizza asked if we can "just stop talking about Hillary's health now", a few years after he had no problems talking about John McCain's health.



Anonymous said...

Look at the Washington Post's stock worth, which has tumbled in a year from $1000 per share to $500.

Anonymous said...

I remember McCain was too old and too sick. Really he was just too weak minded and sold his party out. But I am not bitter!