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Friday, September 09, 2016

Police Bust Amish Rager, Sending Dozens To Jail

Seventy-three Amish partiers face charges after police busted an outdoor celebration in Millersburg, Ohio, over Labor Day Weekend.

Many of those in attendance were reportedly celebrating Rumspringa, the Amish rite of passage to adulthood, which takes place during the teenage years before baptism.

Undercover cops noticed underage drinking, which took place on a privately owned field. Cardboard signs posted by the property owner warned attendees against underage drinking, but didn’t seem to have an effect. The owner also had a security team, but he didn’t use it to check IDs because no one asked him to, he said.

The partiers paid a $25 cover fee to join the festivities, which were expected to attract 1,000 people. An exact number hasn’t been verified.



Anonymous said...

Actually, the Amish have a tradition of turning the young boys loose to 'sow their wild oats' and get it out of their system (that's where the phrase comes from) before they settle down and get on with a serious and disciplined life.

That may be what was happening here.

Anonymous said...

Them Amish kids just be running wild - robbing and looting. You know just like in Baltimore. The cops need to keep them in line.