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Friday, September 09, 2016

County Approves Plans For Two Solar Farm Projects

SNOW HILL – County officials approved concept plans for utility scale solar projects in Berlin and Snow Hill this week.

The Worcester County Commissioners voted 6-0 to approve initial plans for large scale solar projects on Libertytown Road in Berlin and Public Landing Road in Snow Hill. The approval came after some neighbors of each shared concerns but said they supported the projects.

“I’d rather see a solar farm than a housing project,” said Libertytown Road resident Barbara Holloway.

The solar projects, which received a favorable recommendation from the county’s planning commission last month, have both been proposed by Longview Solar. The commissioners got a glimpse of the proposals earlier this year when the company asked for a tax abatement that was subsequently denied. Nevertheless the projects, already having authorization from Maryland’s Public Service Commission (PSC), have continued through the local approval process.

Longview Solar plans to erect a 20-megawatt facility on Libertytown Road and a 15-megawatt facility on Public Landing Road. Both projects would be built on less-than-ideal farmland.



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Anonymous said...

More of this nonsense?
OMG look at the Europeans that went feet first into wind farms and are now dismantling them due to being total failures.

Anonymous said...

goodbye farmland

Anonymous said...

Solar electricity cost 3 times more than conventional and is only available 19% of the times and the equipment only lasts 20 years. When these panels are obsolete, the property will be unfit to farm and the next new form of generation will replace it. It could be wind turbines, it could be the next generation of solar panels that are 30' tall. At any rate, nearby property are going to pay by lower property values and ratepayers will pay through higher electricity rates.

Anonymous said...

The Renewable Energy Credits (Solar RECs) have dropped to 1/3 of their value and continue dropping. With solar meager production rate, installing it does not make any sense except polluters pay them for the REC's which a few year ago amounted to 6 times the value of the solar produced but now have dropped to 2 times the value. This means not only are we paying through higher electricity rates, we are also paying as US consumers and a third time as taxpayers. When the percentage of the Renewable Portfolio is reached (22% by 2022) we will be paying 35% more on every electric bill. A cost that will cripple the middle class and the poor will require more support than ever, all the while the polluters are still polluting because they are using the offset of solar to do so.

Anonymous said...

This farmland is good land and has been used for farming for over fifty years.

Steve said...

My own roof has never been used for farming. Why not put the panels there?