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Friday, September 09, 2016

Rather be in jail than live with wife says bank robbery suspect

KANSAS CITY, Kan. (AP) — A 70-year-old man accused of robbing a bank in Kansas told investigators he would rather be in jail than live with his wife.

Court documents say Lawrence John Ripple gave a note to a bank teller in Kansas City on Friday, demanding cash and warning he had a gun.

Ripple took the money and went to sit in the lobby where he told a guard he was the “guy he was looking for.”

Officers arrived quickly.

An FBI agent wrote in the affidavit that Ripple had earlier been arguing with his wife.

He told investigators he wrote the note in front of his wife, telling her he would “rather be in jail than at home.”

Ripple was charged with bank robbery Tuesday.



Anonymous said...

While I understand to some degree that's the craziest thing I've ever heard. An apology isn't going to fix that wow.

Anonymous said...

He will now get free medical and dental care as well. Cheaper than a nursing home. Once you go in one, you never get out anyway.

Anonymous said...

he must of never been in jail. Jail sucks!

Anonymous said...

7:37, have you ever been married?

Anonymous said...

If he clams BLM he will be out in an hour , if he is white , 30 years hard labor.

Anonymous said...

That's why men go fishing!!!
My grandfather did this every day in retirement.
In a house with the same person 24/7 can drive anyone nuts!!!!
When she would start yelling at him, he would turn down his hearing aid so he didn't have to listen her her yelling at him!

Anonymous said...

10 : 41 The same goes for women cooped up with
a retired husband !