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Friday, September 09, 2016

Handmade Boat With 6 Cameras Shows Unique Perspective of Md. Watersways
BALTIMORE (WJZ)– From your couch, to a kayak, you can now explore nearly all of the Chesapeake’s waterways online, all thanks to a Maryland non-profit, bringing conservation into the 21st century.

A pontoon has traversed and photographed thousands of miles of Chesapeake Shoreline, documenting the view from the water in an unprecedented way.

More than 400 years after Captain John Smith chartered these waters , a Maryland non-profit Chesapeake Conservancy is mapping Maryland with a 21st-century lens.

“[John Smith] used the technology of his time, with a compass and a pen to map the Chesapeake Bay,” said Joel Dunn of the Maryland non-profit Chesapeake Conservancy.”This pontoon boat brings the rivers of the Chesapeake to everybody’s computers across the world.”


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Anonymous said...

I hope John Smith didn't sail it during may fly season.