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Friday, September 09, 2016

Prosecutors to drop charges against ex-Gov. McDonnell, wife

WASHINGTON — The U.S. attorney’s office in Virginia said in court filings that it plans to drop the federal corruption charges against former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen.

In motions filed on Thursday, U.S. Attorney Dana Boente asks that Bob and Maureen McDonnell’s cases be sent back to the District Court level so that their indictments could be dismissed.

“After carefully considering the Supreme Court’s recent decision and the principles of federal prosecution, we have made the decision not to pursue the case further,” Boente’s office said in a statement.



Anonymous said...

He must have dirt on someone that's in office.

Anonymous said...

They never pay the price they should &
neither will Hillary!!!

Anonymous said...

he is well connected isn't he