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Friday, September 09, 2016

Obama Admin Wants to Cut Army’s Force Size by 25,000 by 2018

The Obama administration is seeking to cut the U.S. Army’s total force size by 25,000 soldiers by 2018, bringing America’s force strength down to 450,000 from its current size of 475,000, according to a new congressional report that shines a spotlight on a growing debate over how large the force should be.

Both chambers of Congress and the White House hold disparate views about how large the U.S. Army should be, according to a new congressional research report that highlights the differences between the governing bodies.

While the Obama administration’s Defense Department is seeking to cut the force by 25,000 over current levels, the House is proposing to grow the Army by 5,000. The Senate is proposing to cut levels by 15,000.



Anonymous said...

As it stands now we have about 68,000 soldiers who be ground infantry fighting force , this is nothing for this country. The other 400,000 are support soldiers , it takes 7 support soldiers for every infantry soldier. What the hell is this idiot obama thinking and what the hell is our congress thinking.
Please let people know what he has done .( a support soldier is nothing more than a clerk , a laundry person , a cook , a medic , a mechanic , and a few others. We need a minimum of 500,000 infantry soldiers.

Anonymous said...

fortunately, he will not be president then

Anonymous said...

What would Obama know about the military anyway. He was never in the military, he was busy blowing smoke.

Anonymous said...

Yea so his muslims buddies can wipe out the rest of us here. obama cares nothing about Americans or this country unless he can steal from it for himself and his family. I believe he is an activated sleeper cell member planted to make sure this country implodes on itself. Just look at what this jackaxx has done to every major agency with the country. He suppresses free speech and christian religion, he mind controls children of all ages with the stupid common core, there is nothing common about indoctrinating our children. He is worthless and deserves to be in prison until he dies.

Anonymous said...

obammy IS the trojan horse. he got rid of our generals, weakened our military, went on an apology tour, embarrassed us to the world, put the moose limb brotherhood in high positions in our gov't, turned people against cops and the rule of law, letting criminals through our borders, released criminals onto our communities, other things I forget right now and just think of the things we don't know about!!

I think it would be safe to take him out now, even most blacks don't like him now.