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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Donald Trump would level free-trade playing field

Trump would level the free trade playing field tilted against the U.S.

It’s time to put the brakes on globalization, not shut it down.

Freer movement of goods, technology, capital and people across borders offers enormous benefits but also imperils our civilization.

Think of what Americans would be driving today if Toyota and Honda had not taken Chevrolet and Ford to school with the Camry and Accord. Although General Motors ultimately needed a bailout, Ford transformed itself by integrating cutting-edge technologies into vehicles ordinary people can afford and now has customer loyalty to rival any Japanese competitor.

The annual competition between Apple and Samsung for the best smartphone has catapulted our lives into hyper productivity. It lets us go to our kid’s 4 p.m. soccer game without really leaving the office.


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Anonymous said...

Globalization needs to be shut down!