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Thursday, September 15, 2016


Traffic Alert! The Worcester County Sheriff's Office is currently on the scene of a Motor Vehicle Accident involving an overturned poultry truck on Route 113 in Newark. Currently the roadway is closed and will remain that way for sometime. Please use alternate routes. State Highway is currently en-route to the scene to assist with traffic direction. Use caution in the area.

Updated information! A tractor trailer hauling chickens lost several of it containers which deposited live chickens in the area of BasketSwitch Road and Route 113. The apprehension teams are enroute to recapture the chickens. However, expect delays in the area. 


Zorro said... it suppose to snow tonight? ahhhhhhhhb

Anonymous said...

Apprehension teams? WTF? Coyote bait now. Something tells me the grower gets screwed in this deal.

Anonymous said...

"apprehension teams" - sounds right to me - flocks of chickens running loose on the road can create a danger - therefore the company"s chicken catchers (aka, apprehension teams) have been called in to apprend the renegade chicks

Anonymous said...

Chicken and noodles for supper tonight..

Anonymous said...

Obama for chicken catcher