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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Hypocrisy, thy name is Maryland Democrats

When it comes to the hypocrisy of Maryland's Democratic Party, one has to spell the word in capital letters ("Hogan's order on school start roiling politics, partisan roles," September 8). Did Nancy Kopp, the true blue Democratic Maryland treasurer, accuse Gov. Martin O'Malley of an "abuse of executive power" when he issued an executive order mandating that new homes with septic systems use costly technology to limit pollution? Of course not. That characterization only applies when a Republican governor dares to issue an executive order. Nancy Kopp is awaiting Attorney General Brian Frosh's formal opinion on the matter.

And then there's House Speaker Michael E. Busch: "In a phone call with Frosh last week, [he] argued that anything short of declaring the governor's action illegal would set a bad precedent." Really? The truth of the matter is that if Governor O'Malley or Anthony Brown, had he been elected governor instead of Mr. Hogan, issued the same executive order regarding school start, we wouldn't have heard a peep from Ms. Kopp or Mr. Busch, or any other Democrat in the legislature for that matter. Mr. Busch's arrogance is so gross that he's not the least bit embarrassed to admit that he called Mr. Frosh to tell him how he should rule regarding Mr. Hogan's executive order.



Anonymous said...

Nancy Kopp is awaiting Attorney General Brian Frosh's formal opinion on the matter.


The key word is "opinion." An opinion is not the law. Hopefully idiots like Nancy Kopp will get ousted during our next election.

Anonymous said...

"...called Mr. Frosh to tell him how he should rule."

An attorney doesn't make a rule. Democrats are ignorant.

Anonymous said...

Rule as in a ruling his legal opinion on the matter 1:19. The AG does make rulings. Rule would be the action of ruling on a matter.

Anonymous said...

Maryland Democrats....don't you just love them.

Anonymous said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again. We the people must vote for term limits if there is ever going to be any change

Anonymous said...

Maryland sucks.!

Anonymous said...

More dem bullsh#t!