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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Doctor Explains Why Hillary's 9/11 "Medical Episode" Is More Consistent With Parkinson's Than Pneumonia

A few weeks back, Dr. Ted Noel, an anesthesiologist with 36 years of experience, gained notoriety by sharing his opinion on his website, Vidzette, that Hillary likely had Parkinson’s disease.

Now, Dr. Noel has posted a new video in which he explains how Hillary's behavior on 9/11 and the subsequent decisions made by her campaign staff and secret service detail are more consistent with Parkinson's disease than pneumonia.

Among other things, Noel points out that if Hillary actually was suffering from such a severe case of pneumonia that it forced her to literally collapse on a sidewalk, it's extremely unlikely that she could make a seemingly full recovery after only 90 minutes at Chelsea's apartment and feel well enough to great onlookers and snap a selfie with a child. Per Noel, Hillary's recovery timing is more consistent with how long it would take her to ingest a dosage of Levodopa and wait for her Parkinson's symptoms to subside. Noel also points out that sunglasses with dark blue lenses, like the ones Hillary wore this weekend despite the cloud cover, have been noted by doctors to help treat patients with major motion disorders such as Parkinson's disease.

With that preview, here is the full analysis:



Anonymous said...

Sounds right to me.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. I can see where she been coached in ways to control/hide hand tremors. You keep your hands busy so when she speaking she consistently either is holding the mic while her other hand is gesturing sometimes wildly. Or she places her hand up against her chest to steady it. Watch the video of Sanders endorsement of her. She never stops nodding her head. Bloomberg news counts over 400 times in the video. Another attempt to hide head bobs which are not caused by Parkinson's but by long term use of the medicine used to control it. She's had at least 3 episodes of falling down. Handlers say she fainted or like the otherday was dehydrated due to pneumonia. She isn't fainting. She can move she freezes. Clinton and team such the liars. How anyone can support her only shows how low some have sunk.

Anonymous said...

They are all sick at least in the head. The daughter is some kind of half wit liar couldn't even string together a full sentence without smacking her lips a million times during her plethora of lies she gave at the convention. It was so annoying. Beside the lip smacking she's also an ugly looking thing. The worst part is the daughters multiplied twice now and out is slithering more generations of clinton liars.