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Thursday, September 15, 2016

West Virginia cop fired for not killing a man with an unloaded gun

We’ve tracked countless cases here where cops were able to keep their jobs after killing unarmed people, killing people after responding to the wrong house, killing people and then lying about it . . . the list goes on.

Give the Weirton, W.Va., police chief some credit. He’s come up with a new spin on the the same problem. He just fired a cop for not killing someone.

After responding to a report of a domestic incident on May 6 in Weirton, W.Va., then-Weirton police officer Stephen Mader found himself confronting an armed man.

Immediately, the training he had undergone as a Marine to look at “the whole person” in deciding if someone was a terrorist, as well as his situational police academy training, kicked in and he did not shoot.



Anonymous said...

This is a very thin line.

Anonymous said...

Just to remark on the face of what we're fed here, combat-trained Marines are extensively and intensively instructed on assessing threat by armed potential assailants, even more so than by any domestic police training offered today. This officer used that training he received as a Marine to assess the threat and came to a conclusion that saved a life.

Anonymous said...

I agree.
However, the guy lost his job because he did not do what Police are supposed to do. Kill people when you have an opportunity.

He let an opportunity go to waste.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with his peers??

Anonymous said...

He may have lost his job but he won't have to live with the fact that he killed a man that had an empty gun.

Not Quite Understanding said...

Did anyone follow the link to Weirton PD Response where the Weirton PD gives their side of the story? They say that there is more to the story than what is in this article. Who really knows.

Anonymous said...

He should have been fired for violating policy. If the gun was loaded the coward would have been dead and we would be burying a coward cop.

lmclain said...

1:38...your reading skills and comprehension need a little work.
The cop said the guy didn't point the weapon at him (twitched his wrist a couple of times).
And, as I've said before, I will let you put a gun in your waistband while I point MY gun at you. You CANNOT draw that weapon (no matter what the police propaganda is) and shoot me before I put several rounds into your head and chest.
The cop did what USED to be done all the time. Now, it's show up and start shooting.
Keep cheering.

Steve said...

I hope that cop gets a job in Wicomico County! What a great asset he will be here!