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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Senator To Loretta Lynch: Why Did DOJ Nix Clinton Foundation Investigation?

Texas Sen. John Cornyn is demanding answers from Attorney General Loretta Lynch about the Justice Department’s decision earlier this year to decline an FBI recommendation to investigate the Clinton Foundation.

The Republican points out in the letter that the DOJ’s decision not to pursue an investigation despite the FBI’s recommendation is in stark contrast to its decision last month to accept the bureau’s recommendation not to charge Clinton following its email probe.

“The outcome in both cases favors Secretary Clinton,” Cornyn writes.

On Thursday, CNN reported that the FBI and three Justice Department field offices recommended that Justice Department headquarters open a public integrity investigation into the Clinton family charity.



Anonymous said...

So, the stench has finally reached the nostrils of the Senate and one, just one senator has come forth with questions. That leaves 99 senators who either remain satisfied with the current outcome, questionable behaviors and decisions, are or fearful of what may happen if they are not and openly seek additional answers.

Anonymous said...

They are afraid they will end up dead like everyone else that goes against the Clinton Mafia.