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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Milwaukee Burning: Just The Beginning

Few things in politics are predictable, but one thing is certain: Any police shooting of a fleeing black man, even if he is carrying a gun, will likely trigger a demonstration, if not a riot.

Our reactions to events are dependent on their social definition. The movement known as Black Lives Matter defines the world as a place where American police systematically hunt down black men. Each police shooting of a black man, even before the facts are known and irrespective of the circumstances, is confirmation of this point of view.

To say there have been no unjustified police shootings would be as irresponsible as it is false; but the idea that every police shooting of a black man is part of a systematic campaign of genocide is equally false.

The latest shooting, which took place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, erupted into a frenzy of flames and violence, with calls for dragging white people from their cars and killing them.



Anonymous said...

And meanwhile they ignore the true genocide by backing abortion!

Anonymous said...

The esteemed professor must not be able to see evil George Soros' connection to his subject matter from the top of that ivory tower he is perched upon!

Anonymous said...

Shoot the rioters who are violent
Problem Solved

Anonymous said...

They need to arrest and prosecute all these Black criminals. First of all it was a black cop that shot a black man. No racism here. Secondly the black man was facing the cop with a gun in his hand and 500 rounds of ammunition. The poor police officer was in fear of his life and just doing his job. Police officers don't want to kill people but they do want to go home to their family at night in one piece. So if there is no racism because black on black killing why should they target white people. That sounds like a race crime to me. Get tough call out the National Guard if you have to but something has to be done to stop this nonsense. Black people cannot keep committing race crimes against whites for no reason. The madness has to stop or you will see a race war and that would not be pretty. Come on people let's live together peaceably.

Anonymous said...

The ones doing this come from nothing don't have nothing they don't care bout us who work hard just to have what little bit we do have.