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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Journalist Flees Milwaukee After Witnessing The Racist Truth About The Milwaukee Riots


Anonymous said...

The anarchists are working for Obama to instigate martial law so that he can remain in power.

Anonymous said...

I made out fine before ever hearing of the black leader and I will make out even better after he is chased out of town.

Anonymous said...

Please don't buy into it and retaliate with the same misguided attitude. The blacks are not the reason that whites are in the position that they are in today. I hesitate to say the same thing about whites contribution to black plight because we have been in positions to help and have obviously missed the mark. As a whole the vast majority of ALL people are good, this is the hand of the government and its new 4th branch, the media.
The entire idea of slavery has been taught in a way to skew the facts. Only 1% of Americans owned slaves. Tell me the same isn't true in today's fake economy. Poor Europeans were brought over on contracts to work for years to pay for their trip. It was called indentured servitude. The Europeans they were bringing over were dying at very high rates from Malaria. In Africa warring tribes were capturing their opponents and selling them into European slavery. When it was realized that Africans had a much higher survival rate than Europeans to Malaria, that is when the African slave trade grew exponentially. They would have been just as happy to enslave whites but blacks were hardier. Slavery was pure economics.
There is a perception that black youth are all trouble makers. It's because of the "gangsta" rap marketing gimick. I love hip-hop music, but white owned major labels sign black rappers, sticks chains on their neck gives them a Bugatti or a Bentley tells them to rap more about selling drugs and gang banging puts them in videos with guns, and stacks of cash. They sell their album then send the artist a bill for all the worthless junk they gave him. Add into that a couple generations now coming up in single parent latch-key child households, kid comes home and turns on the electric babysitter and as he grows up his role models are the fake personas of kids like himself getting turned out by the entertainment industry and played on white owned Black Entertainment Television (BET).
Dads not home, he's in prison because Hillary Clinton and company passed the crime bill and said these "super predators" must be "brought to heel". And do you know that at the same time, Billary was pardoning a convicted drug trafficker in exchange for a donation to the Clinton legal defence fund.
I ask whites to be tolerant because the media will point the camera at every little flare up now trying to pop off a race war but every day that passes more and more people are waking up. Hillary will be exposed before November. You might not like Trump, he may turn out to be a bad leader, but he will expose the system for what it is.