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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Gingrich Calls Out BLM for 'False Narratives'

Newt Gingrich on Monday called out the Black Lives Matter movement for focusing too much of its attention on "false narratives" instead of the innocent people being "killed routinely" in the streets of Chicago.

Appearing on Fox News' "Fox & Friends" show, Gingrich criticized the riots in Milwaukee over the weekend over a police-shooting that based on early reports seems justified.

Meanwhile, on the same day, five people were killed in Chicago, and over the past week, Gingrich said, 99 people were shot and 24 killed.

"I don't understand the Black Lives Matter's inability to see innocent people killed who aren't involved with a policeman," Gingrich said. "Everybody's just blasé, nobody pays attention, it's not a national scandal. … We're focusing on Baltimore, which turned out to be a false narrative, but we're not focusing on Chicago where American citizens are being killed routinely.

"Why aren't the BLM folks concerned about black, innocent civilians who are being killed by other folks in the neighborhood, and why aren't we insisting on safe neighborhoods?"

Meanwhile, the officer involved in the fatal shooting was black, and officials say cameras show the man who was killed wielded a gun and aimed it at the officer.



Anonymous said...

BLM are terroist. They hate white. Currently the most violent gang in America. Also use arson to intimidate.

Anonymous said...

Think of how stupid they'd look protesting in a black neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

It just shows their mentality and ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Newt telling the dare he!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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