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Monday, July 18, 2016

Maryland Lawmaker Heading To RNC Praises Trump, Pence & Hogan

Donald Trump postponed his announcement that was scheduled Friday where he was going to announce his running mate, due to the terror attacks in France.

Trump did announce on Twitter that Indiana Governor Mike Pence will be his running mate, and the two will make a joint appearance in New York today.

A Republican state lawmaker from Maryland, who will be attending next week's Republican National Convention, says this is a good choice.

Baltimore County State Delegate Ric Metzgar will attend his first Republican Convention next week as a guest, and he says Pence's conservative credentials will help him attract religious conservatives who have felt abandoned by other Republican candidates in the past.



Anonymous said...

He has not yet learned about the open mike issue and how it affects the election moving forward.The next big attack on Trump will be how he couldn't even decide which person to choose as VP.That will be backed up by absolute proof of exactly what he said in the hours before AND after the decision.I love Trump as our next Pres,but he has to learn when to shut up.Anyone else never knew they would be chosen until it happened.None of that "it's down to 8 and then it's down to 4" and so on.I had never heard of Sarah Palin until THE DAY McCain chose her as his running mate.

Anonymous said...

Trump does need to chill out, but I think he will be smart enough to choose wise administrators. Hillary, on the other hand, would continue to lie and cheat and disgrace our country at every turn. She failed as Secretary of State. She would fail as POTUS also. I have faith that there are still enough decent Americans who will go to the polls and vote sensibly. Vote Trump/Pence!

Anonymous said...

Hogan has no place in the same sentence with Pence and Trump. He's a traitor to his party and our state.