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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Ultra-manly Putin Slips During Hockey Game

Russia’s fearless leader took a tumble while showing off his sheer masculinity on the ice.

Vladimir Putin — the ultra-macho Russian president known for his love of shirtless horseback riding and decades-long dedication to competitive Judo — slipped during an amateur hockey game in Sochi Tuesday.

Photos showed the red-and-blue uniform-clad president grimacing as he hit the ice. The puck sat just inches in front of the fallen hero.

The game pitted Putin’s team — full of former professional hockey players and other politicians — against a team of amateurs who qualified for the championship game through previous matches.

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Anonymous said...

He must of heard Hillary barking!!!!!

Anonymous said...

When Obama skates on the ice he wears a too-to!

Anonymous said...

It's a tutu, nitwit. And it's Red.

Anonymous said...

king Osama trying to play any sport would be hilarious