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Saturday, May 14, 2016

A Viewer Writes: Dorothy and Rt. 13


Check out this pic. Many things come to mind, mainly the usual train of thought for the government as a whole.

First, why are there two signs displaying the same information inches apart, I assume one is to be replaced?

Why is it being replaced?

Is one sign outdated in its size or format? Reflectivity? Color?

How much does the new sign cost?

Was the construction company union? They needed to install a new sign to satisfy some union requirement?

What's going to happen to the old sign? Reused on another road? Recycled? Stolen by an employee for their man cave?

Is the old sign too low? Too high? Which one is old and which is new?

Is this double sign duty there to doubly enforce the Higher Fine Zone at Dorothy and Rt. 13? How much did those signs cost?

Now that the new intersection has been built, are we still going to be subject to the Higher Fine Zone, (which is about only a tenth of mile long.)?

All in all, I think the pic is funny and was worth an email to you. Time will tell what they do, would be a hoot if both signs were left up for a good while.

Does this mean I can drive 5,555 mph? The second sign has a bolt head decimal point. Maybe I can only go 55.55 mph!!!

BTW, these have been up for a week or so. Took this pic today.


Anonymous said...

Or, perhaps it was from the median where the construction is being performed and instead of tossing it and being wasteful they've placed it temporarily until the project is complete. Just a thought, but I'm certain you would not have gone on such an intent rant without having considered that of course.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe just maybe get a life and stop wasting your time taking such pictures and writing in to social media to get a story printed. Go volunteer at HALO or a nursing home

Anonymous said...

It is a valid question why there would be two identical signs installed next to each other.

Anonymous said...

Man some people have nothing to do. I'm mean seriously putting hours in on a road sign? When I'm retired I will be at a dance clubs not driving around thinking on incredible dumb things to say on social media. Let me guess I didn't punctuate. Ha.

Anonymous said...

You probably don't t pay taxes and have not a care in the world about how things are paid for.