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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Subject: Canadian Border Presents Security Concerns For United States

The U.S.-Mexico border has been a topic of much debate this election season. But should our national attention be more focused toward our neighbors to the north?

The Canadian border, just 300 miles from New York City, presents its own challenges, the scope of which CBS2’s Maurice DuBois saw firsthand during an exclusive tour earlier this week.

All that separates the two countries for miles at a time is a split rail fence that you’d find in any ordinary backyard. During DuBois’ tour, Border Control Division Chief Bradley Curtis spotted a horse that can cross the border with no trouble.

But the four-legged border jumper is the least of our concerns, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said.

“We see alien smuggling. We see narcotic smuggling. We see currency smuggling,” Border Patrol Operations Officer Brad Brandt said.

Agents said much of that activity is heading directly to New York City and our suburbs where the product is sold on our streets.

But drugs, as dangerous as they are. are just a part of the story.

“Our primary mission of course, is to stop a terrorist,” Brandt said.

“There are radicalized groups that are in Canada — that is a tremendous concern to us,” Curtis said regarding terrorism threats.

They said Canada’s more open-door policy toward Syrian refugees is also of concern.



Anonymous said...

Since everyone is so afraid of everything maybe we should just build a wall around the entire U.S. And while we are at maybe a dome over top. Get a grip folks.

Anonymous said...

Nothing here on the Eastern Shore for them to target.Plenty of natural and man made barriers between DC and us to provide some protection.We should be OK.