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Saturday, May 14, 2016

BREAKING: Hillary Just Received The Worst Possible – Putin Is Smiling!

Now, we’re just about to find out how serious Hillary Clinton’s crimes were!

Russia’s Kremlin now has in their possession at least private 20,000 emails from Hillary Clinton’s poorly protected server, and they are debating if they should be released.

They stumbled onto these messages while monitoring Romanian computer hacker Lazăr Lehel, who is better known as “Guccifer.” They were watching him closely after he failed to hack into the internet network for Russia’s RT television network.

While Hillary thought she cleaned off her server and deleted the most damning emails, Russia may release the messages! This changes the 2016 Presidential election in a big way:

A couple of years later, in 2016, the US then brought in Guccifer for questioning related to this incident. According to the report, NBC news knew why Guccifer was being questioned but withheld this information from the American public.

The Associated Press reported in October 2015 that “Hillary Clinton’s private email server maintained in her home while serving as secretary of State was possibly hacked by Russia-tied authorities, and others, on five separate occasions.”

The AP report noted that investigators discovered among Clinton’s cache of released emails malicious software aimed at transmitting data to three overseas computers, including at least one in Russia. This malicious software was reportedly activated by clicking on it; but in October it was not clear if Clinton actually opened these messages or not, per the AP.

Recently separate reports have come out noting that Guccifer had indeed hacked Clinton’s emails. Now according to this latest report, Clinton’s server was not only compromised by Guccifer but also by Russia. Guccifer told FOX News last week that he hacked Hillary’s homebrew server and so did at least 10 others.



Anonymous said...

Every other day there is Breaking News concerning Hillary and a "gotcha this time" event. Well Old Hill is still around and still running for Prez.

All this latest news is Guccifer saying "I hacked" and Putin saying "I might release the emails". Same old, same old - everybody has the evidence to take Hillary down. I came to the conclusion long ago "it ain't gonna happen" Please somebody prove me wrong.

If Hillary is our next President, Chelsea will soon follow. IMO these thoughts are enough to make one want to commit "hari kari".

Anonymous said...

Clinton is going down, her own party is tired of her endless baggage and her embarrassing campaign losing to Bernie in state after state. They are grooming buffoon Biden to step in to the rescue. Biden will lose to Trump in November. You heard it here first.

Anonymous said...

putin wont release, u know he would rather have another fool like her in the white house rather than Trump. he once said. dealing with Osama is like playing chess with a pigeon