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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

How I Feel About Obama's Newest Threat

As all of you know, I have been doing this for a lot of years now. One of the main reasons I started Salisbury News was because the rest of the local Liberal Media completely fails to either keep you informed and or simply cover up the TRUTH. They tend to follow the Liberal political agenda of forcing change while keeping the public uneducated with one sided information hand fed to them. 

For example, (a small one) the City of Salisbury introduced legislation years ago creating a charge for ambulance service while telling the public if the bill hadn't been paid by their 3rd attempt the City would simply write it off. Funny how out of nowhere, the City now sends those people to collections.

My point is, LIBERALS introduce what I call SOFT LEGISLATION just to get things through without the masses complaining. Obama's proposal on guns is just that, SOFT. Once Obama moves forward with this, (God Forbid Hillary get elected) it will then be her new policy to make those new laws even stronger. I mean, after all, LIBERALS will claim that the majority of Americans must support it because well, the majority of Americans supporter her.

This is just one of many reasons why I support Donald Trump for President. The political games need to end. Look how the majority of Americans do not support gay marriage, yet somehow it passed. The majority of Marylander's did not support a Rain Tax, yet it passed. I could spend an entire year showing all of you the actual PORK added to bills in the Senate and Congress used as blackmail to get Republicans to agree to certain legislation. 

Trump will STOP all this crap. However, he can't do it alone. We need to elect Trump minded thinkers into the Senate and Congress as well. The only way we're going to see progress is to stop our elected officials in their tracks and finally hold them accountable. 

The proven traffic on Salisbury News PROVES the MAJORITY of locals visit us far more then anywhere else. Why, because we EDUCATE, we CHALLENGE and we give YOU the opportunity to express yourselves without fear of RETALIATION. Yeah, the Liberals want to shut people like me down too. 

Say NO to President Obama and his SOFT attempt to change our 2nd Amendment Rights.


Anonymous said...

Three years ago my father was transported by Salisbury ambulance from a local nursing home to PRMC because of a severe infection. He died a few days later. He is still receiving collection notices because he has not paid the ambulance bill. I have explained many times that he died, is still dead and probably will remain that way, and that he left no assets but he still gets bills.

Anonymous said...

Good post, Joe.
Trump will kick the door open, but I have to wonder (like a previous post suggests) if they will let him live long enough to do anything.
The GOP establishment might even be a bigger threat to him than the liberals, but either way, I wonder if he would even survive the election.
I hope he chooses a good running mate because that may be very important.
Trump may represent the biggest threat to the political establishment in the history of this country.

Anonymous said...

Keep fighting and don't give up. Why??? Because the libs/dems NEVER stop pushing their communist/marxist/socialist controlling agenda.

Anonymous said...

John Wayne said it best "out of my cold dead hands"
I will not surrender my legally bought and owned guns to THE POTUS period.