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Monday, January 11, 2016

Can Republicans Take On Poverty?

House Speaker Paul Ryan wants to give anti-poverty legislation a prominent spot on the Republican agenda in 2016, a move that would give the party ownership of a traditionally Democratic issue and put it prominently in the congressional spotlight for the first time in decades.

Republicans last took the lead on welfare reform two decades ago and hope to do it again this year, kicking off the effort at a major anti-poverty forum Saturday in Columbia, S.C., hosted by Ryan and Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C.

In addition to Ryan and Scott, most of the GOP presidential candidates plan to jump off the campaign trail to participate, with the notable exception of front-runner Donald Trump.

"The high level of candidate interest indicates that our party is not willing to concede this issue to the Democrats," Ryan said Friday in a Wall Street Journal op-ed co-authored with Scott. "We see Saturday's forum as our party's chance to stop carping from the cheap seats and to get into the driver's seat. By offering real solutions, Republicans can define the proper role of the federal government in the 21st century and show the country what a true opportunity agenda looks like."

House Republicans say they like the idea of taking on poverty.

"It's a really smart thing to do," Rep. Tom Cole, R-Okla., told the Washington Examiner. "There needs to be a Republican way to address everything from poverty to unequal income distribution, and if there's a way to find that way and package it in a way that is intellectually coherent and politically appealing, I think Ryan is the person to do it."



Anonymous said...

It's real simple. Stop making babies you can't afford! Anyone who can't provide for a child and makes one is nothing but a child abuser. Being a good parent takes being able to provide for the child without government assistance. Being a good mother means you don't make a baby with a loser who can't afford a child and/or is a criminal. An good mother choices for a father a man who is a productive citizen with a good work ethic. This is what it boils down to and until someone tells these loser garbage mother and fathers how it is will anything change. When you have a child knowing you have to have you hand out to the government to pay for the child you are a piss poor example of a mother. Animals are smarter and more civilized then some of these things making babies today.

Anonymous said...

The high level of candidate interest indicates that our party is not willing to concede this issue to the Democrats
Funny statement coming from a man who just voted to give obama all he wanted....lot of bs

Anonymous said...

Stop paying for the babies and they'll stop making them right now it's an incentive.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to wait till I hear their plan before I come to any conclusions.
From what I've seen and heard about the Omnibus Bill, and what is planned for coming days, I've begun to think the vote for the bill was a punt to get safely past the election that is starting to look like a Republican landslide (regardless of which R candidate).
The omnibus bill was crap, but I don't know that the fight over it would have produced a very good result in the end.
Sometimes you have to choose your battles carefully if you want to win the war.
This much is clear-- the Dems will keep the permanent underclass enslaved.
We need to show them a path out of their predicament and help them to clearly understand how it will help them have a better life.
Calling them 'loser garbage' and putting them down won't get that done, any more than it would have been helpful to say that to the slaves. There's a reason they are the way they are. The Democrats have kept them chained to poverty for many generations. Many of them now live by a moral code based on survival. We cannot necessarily expect them to see things the way we do. We need to help them change that perspective, not beat them down for it.
If you find a man trapped in a dumpster, should you berate him and tell him how stupid his choices are, or should you just help him out?
Let's try to get away from all this criticism of these folks and just reach out in LOVE to them and help them out.

Anonymous said...

YES deport anyone under the age 55 on welfare. Works for me send em to Syria I bet they would get a job real quick.